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netw 585 network design and management all course projects midterm and final exam we 5215382

NETW 585 Network Design and Management All Course Projects Midterm and Final Exam




Week 1 Course Project; Topic Choice

Week 3 Course Project; First Draft

Week 7 Course Project; Final Network Design Plan



Week 4 Midterm


  1. (TCO A) When working on a design, what are some of the typical business goals you can expect to find for today's organizations? Why is it important for you to identify these?
  2. (TCO A) What are the main phases of network design per the PDIOO approach often taught by Cisco?
  3. (TCO B) When analyzing protocol behavior and traffic load, explain the difference between relative and absolute network utilization.
  4. (TCO B) What factors do you look for to help you decide if the existing network can effectively support new enhancements?
  5. (TCO C) Define the five types of network management processes according to the ISO.
  6. (TCO C) What are some advantages and disadvantages of using centralized network management versus distributed network management?
  7. (TCO C) What are some advantages and disadvantages of using in-band network management versus out-of-band network management?
  8. (TCO C) List and explain the function of all three layers of Cisco's hierarchical network design.
  9. (TCO D) Discuss connectivity technologies for supporting remote users. Be sure to compare and contrast them and talk about at least three different ones.
  10. (TCO D) What are some characteristics you will want to consider when selecting network devices for your design? List at least five. 


Week 8 Final Exam



  1. (TCO A) Why is scalability an important network design goal? What are some challenges designers face when taking scalability into account in their design? (Points : 25)
  2. (TCO A) Why is understanding an organization’s technical goals necessary when working on a design? List and explain in detail at least three of these goals. (Points : 25)
  3. (TCO B) List and describe at least four different network traffic factors that must be analyzed when evaluating the traffic on a network. (Points : 25)
  4. (TCO B) What factors should be considered when characterizing the infrastructure of a network? (Points : 25)
  5. (TCO C) Define autonomous system. How do interior routing protocols differ from external routing protocols? (Points : 25)
  6. (TCO C) List at least four ways you know that you have developed a good network design. (Points : 25)
  7. (TCO C) For Cisco’s three-layer hierarchical model for network design, list the layers and explain their roles. What guidelines should a network designer follow when using the hierarchical model? (Points : 25)
  8. (TCO D) What are the most important criteria for selecting a WAN service provider? List and explain at least five. (Points : 25)
  9. (TCO D) Describe the difference between centralized and distributed cable topologies and give an example of each.
  10. (TCO E) What is regression testing? Why is regression testing usually an important part of network testing? (Points : 25)
  11.  (TCO E) Describe the four types of network testing typically performed. (Points : 25)
  12. (TCO F) List and briefly describe at least five key steps in the process of designing a good security strategy. (Points : 25)

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