Money Back Guarantee

Money Refund Guarantee

At, our money refund policy covers you if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of the paper you received. This policy applies only in case you have already made a payment. The money is only sent back to the original source of payment. Continue reading this policy to understand how it works.

We will offer a 100% money refund in case:

  • An error occurred while processing your payment. For example, if you paid multiple times for the same order, or if money was withdrawn from your account twice. We recommend that you report the error as soon as you become aware of it so that we can investigate it and correct it;
  • There was no available writer when you requested for  It is possible to get that all writers are busy. And in such case, the money you paid for the order will be refunded 100%. We will make you aware of the situation as soon as possible and refund you immediately;
  • The Paper was not sent on time. In such a case, we will refund you 100% of the cost of the paper because we understand that you are no longer in need of the paper after its deadline.
  • The paper contained plagiarism and cannot be accepted.

We will offer a 70% money refund if:

  • The author submitted the order after the deadline unless the treatise was delayed by more than 50% of the agreed time. I think it's the worst that I sent the assignment later, but he's done his job and needs to reward his efforts to some  But we recognize our responsibilities and are ready to compensate for what we can do.

We return 50% of the payment in case:

  • We are unable to deliver a revision or redo the assignment for some reasons;
  • The writer delivered your paper after the deadline and the paper was delayed by more than 50% of the agreed-upon time.

However, in that regard, if you take advantage of a refund guarantee, the rights to order ownership are reserved for our company. As long as you get a refund for the order, you are not authorized to use the paper legally in any way. 

Please keep in mind that if you request a revision and you are still not satisfied with the end result, you can only request a 50% refund. Please understand that our experts have spent so much time working and editing your article that we cannot refund you a full payment because we have to reward the writer for their efforts after all.