Privacy Policy

Authority admits and understands that our clients are aware of and care about their own personal privacy interests, and the Company takes that seriously.

  1. Introduction

Our Privacy Policy describes the policies and practices with regard to the collection and use of your personal data, and sets forth your privacy rights. The acknowledges that data privacy is an ongoing accountability, and, therefore, the Company will from time to time update this Privacy Policy and its privacy practice as the Company undertakes new personal data practices or adopt new privacy policies.

  1. Company’s website controls and manages our company (hereinafter the “Website”) which reserves the right to gather your data for reasons explained in this document.

  1. Definitions of legal bases for the processing

Consent - your unblemished agreement to the processing of your private data for a specific purpose.

Contract - the reason why the processing is necessary based on a contract you have with the Company, or because the Company has asked you to take specific steps before entering into that contract.

  1. Consent rule

If you have given consent to the processing of your data you can freely withdraw such consent at any time by emailing the Company to

If you do withdraw your consent, and if the Company does not have another lawful basis for the processing of your data, then the Company will stop the processing of your personal data.

Should the Company have another legal basis for the processing of your data, then the Company may continue to do so subject to your legal interests and rights.

  1. Company’s responsibilities

If you are a registered customer or a guest to the Company acts as the ‘data controller’ of personal data. This means that the Company determines how and why your data are processed.

  1. Information we collect about you

If you visit our website or member communities, we may automatically collect information about you, for example:

  • Technical info
  • IP addresses
  • Information about the device you use to connect to our website
  • How you use our website.

The following are types of the Personal information we collect and the purposes of collecting it.



Personal information types

Purposes we collect your information for


User’s Country

·         - verification of the User

·         - prevention of deceitful use and resale of User’s accounts

·         - tax implications, VAT purposes


User’s email

·         - the main point of contact with User

·         - to provide you with marketing and promotional materials


User’s Name and Surname

·         - verification of the User

·         - for invoices, billing and taxation

·         - prevention of fraudulent use and resale of User’s accounts


City/state/ZIP code/address

·         - billing information for invoices

  1. Why do we collect Personal Data?

We collect information for some or all of the following reasons:

  • To offer services to you after you have requested one of our services through the website;
  • To communicate about products or services you have shown interest in buying within a reasonable time afterward if you are already an existing client;
  • To offer information to you about products or services you have purchased from us, or related products or services;
  • To provide services to you under the contract;
  • For lawful reasons, for example, if you have entered into a contract with us;
  • To offer information to you about our products and services if you have agreed to receive them.
  1. Grounds of collecting information from you

We may gather information from you when we have a legal reason (allowed by law or under contract) to collect the information, or when you have consented for us to do so for a specific purpose (e.g. services provision or newsletters).

  1. The legal basis we have for processing your personal data

We may process your personal data because:

  • We have a contract with you;
  • You have given us permission to do so;
  • We must provide services to you because you have ordered them;
  • You have asked us to do so;
  • To comply with the law.

All of these reasons are reasons we may legally process the information we have about you.

  1. How we collect your information

You may give us information about you with your consent, for example:

  • When you fill in a form or sending us an e-mail;
  • When you post order at the website;
  • When you post reviews and feedbacks at the website;
  • When you contact us through our phone numbers.
  • When you give us information for legal reasons, such as to enter into a contract with us, when you are buying services from us.

This information may be personal, financial, educational, or related to your order.