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your contribution to the discussion requires 2 3 paragraphs use of proper grammar an 3586663

Your contribution to the discussion requires 2-3 paragraphs, use of proper grammar, and citing of sources. Participation in the weekly discussion provides the opportunity to learn and apply new information in manageable amounts of timely contributions, and to receive useful feedback.

Financial statements are based on generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and are audited by CPA firms.

Refere please explain if investors need to worry about the validity of those statement. Please explain which financial statement is the most critical for financial analysts to review and why?

Also, some firms have tree cash flow, whereas other firms do not have free cash flow. Please define and explain what free cash flow is Provide an example of a company that has free cash flow and another company that does not have irce cash low. For an investor’s perspective. explain why free cash flow is more important than net income.

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