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You have been hired by the owner of Rest in Peace Properties (NYSE: RIP) to help with their data base design.  In order to do so, you know that a interviews of management (and workers) is a great way to better understand the business processes, inputs, outputs, and business requirements.   Unfortunately, you need to do this via written question as most of the staff is not available for a sit-down interview.  šŸ™‚    RIP is a company that owns a number of  hotel/motel/inn properties as well as an Internet web site.  The database is to be used  for various aspects of management of the company.

For this discussion board, you will ask questions about RIP and its operations in order to drive out the business rules for your logical database design.  These questions will be answered by me (or other students, see below).   Each day you ask a legitimate question, you will be awarded five points.     (The early bird gets the worm.)  Thus, you need to have three legitimate questions over three days to earn full credit.

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