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write a program using java that allows the user to convert a celsius temperature to 5189670

Write a program using Java that allows the user to convert a Celsius temperature to the Fahrenheit equivalent. Include a prompt for input and display the output when finished. The equation to be used for conversion can be seen here: Fahrenheit = (9 / 5) * Celsius + 32 For example, if you enter Celsius temperature 0, the degrees value in Fahrenheit is 32. Hint: Remember order of operations is important when evaluating expressions. Hint: Use double variables to store the temperature values rather than integer variables. Hint: The above equation is strictly mathematical. Part of the assignment is to transfer the equation into a Java expression. For instance, in Java, you must be sure to avoid the integer division that would be used if you put (9 / 5) in your expression as this would give wrong answers. Here is a sample run. Sample 1: Please input a Celsius temperature to be converted: 0 The corresponding temperature in Fahrenheit is 32.


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