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write a program to find the character sequence pa 3460hpgl hpg after each pa there i 5127739

Write a program to find the character sequence “PA”(3460hpgl.hpg). After each “PA”, there is a number, a comma, andanother number. Read each number pair (x and y values), and printthem (to the console screen and to a file) in the form shown below.Place comments beside each while statement and if statement statingwhat that one line of computer code does. Also, above each if andwhile statement, write a short description of what will be donewithe the code controlled by those statements. Also, comment theprogram appropriately. x = 12345, y = 6789 x = 5431, y = 789 This is the text in the ‘3460hpgl.hpg’ file: .(;.I81;;17:.N;19:IN;SC;PU;PU;SP7;LT;VS36;PU;PA-19485,-12150;PD;PA-16883,-10118;PA-16292,-14387;PA-19485,-12150;PU;PA0,0;SP;EC;PG1;EC1;OE; . . .

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