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write a c program that can maintain grades for a simplecourse functional requirement 4945638

Write a C++ program that can maintain grades for a simplecourse.
Functional requirements Your program will be command driven. It will repeatedly print aprompt, read a command, the execute a command.
Gradeinformation is stored in a text file name grades.txt, located inthe same directory as the executable. The course isassumed to have exams and assignments, each worth 50% of the grade.Within a category, all entries are weighted equally. All updatesshould be saved to the file after each command. q Quit the program. addS Add a new student. If a student of that name already exists anerror message is displayed and no changes are made. addA Add a new assignment. Assignments are not named, they areindexed starting at 1. addE Add a new exam. Exams are not named, they are indexed startingat 1. grade For each assignment, display the student’s grade and prompt fora new grade. If no grade has been entered a 0 is displayed for thecurrent grade. If the user enters no data the current grade iskept. If an invalid grade is given (outside of 0-100, oirnon-numeric), the program reprompts. Then repeat the process for each exam. gradeA For each student prompt for that student’s grade on the givenassignment. gradeE For each student prompt for that student’s grade on the givenexam. display Print a table of all entered grades, with the overall gradedisplayed in the right-most column.
EXAMPLE Student Test1 Test2 Assignment 1 Assignment 2 Average Grade   0 0 0 0 F 0 0 0 0 F Class Average = 0 . . .

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