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when a user signs in for the first time to a website the user has to submit personal 5327351

When a user signs in for the first time to a website, the user has to submit personal information, such as userid, name, email address, telephone number and so on. Typically, there are two fields for passwords, requiring the user to enter the password twice, to ensure that the user did not make a typo in the first password field.

Write a class encapsulating user with the following elements:



Reentered password

Email address


Street Address




You will store these values as strings.

Write the following methods in your class:

1. A constructor which will initialize the 9 attributes listed above.

2. Accessor, mutator, toString methods

3. A method returning the number of characters in the userid

4.. A method checking if the two Strings representing the password fields are the same, if they are return true, otherwise false.

Write a test class to create 2 user objects (using your constructor) and test all the methods in your class.

Remember to submit all your .java files, .class files and screenshots of your code and output.

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