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what is the minimum overhead to send an ip packet using ppp count only the overhead 5141843

Assignment to be turned in 7 days 1.What is the minimum overhead to send an IP packet using PPP? Count only the overhead introduced by PPP itself, not the IP header overhead. What is the maximum overhead? 2. Determine the maximum length of the cable (in km) for transmitting data at a rate of 500 Mbps in an Ethernet LAN with frames of size 10,000 bits. Assume the signal speed in the cable to be 2,00,000 km/s. 3.Frames of 1000 bits are sent over a 10^6 bps duplex link between two hosts. The propagation time is 25ms. Frames are to be transmitted into this link to maximally pack them in transit (within the link). What is the minimum number of bits (i) that will be required to represent the sequence numbers distinctly? Assume that no time gap needs to be given between transmission of two frames 4.In Ethernet when Manchester encoding is used, the bit rate is: A Half the baud rate. B Twice the baud rate. C Same as the baud rate. D None of the above 5. There are n stations in a slotted LAN. Each station attempts to transmit with a probability p in each time slot. What is the probability that ONLY one station transmits in a given time slot? A (1-p)(n-1) B np(1-p)(n-1) C p(1-p)(n-1) D 1-(1-p)(n-1) 6. In a token ring network the transmission speed is 10^7 bps and the propagation speed is 200 metres/micro second. The 1-bit delay in this network is equivalent to: A 500 metres of cable. B 200 metres of cable. C 20 metres of cable. D 50 metres of cable. 7. A and B are the only two stations on an Ethernet. Each has a steady queue of frames to send. Both A and B attempt to transmit a frame, collide, and A wins the first backoff race. At the end of this successful transmission by A, both A and B attempt to transmit and collide. The probability that A wins the second backoff race is: A 0.5 B 0.625 C 0.75 D 1.0


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