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using gross labour rates of r5 00 per hour for craftsmen and r2 00 per hour for labo 3550958

Using gross labour rates of R5,00 per hour for craftsmen and R2,00 per hour for

labourers, and the prices of materials given below, work up the following rates:

1. Softwood in rafters 100mm × 50mm …per linear metre.

2. (a) 25 mm close-jointed roof boarding and fixing

to flat roofs

(b) Raking, cutting on ditto

…per square metre.

3. 19mm cross tongued eaves soffit …per linear metre.

4. 12,7mm insulation board, fixed to vertical stud

partition …per square metre.

5. 22mm tongued and grooved floor boarding in

150mm widths, nails to joists …per square metre.

6. 32mm × 150mm softwood skirting, on and

including 38mm × 19mm grounds, plugged to


…per linear metre.

7. 25mm × 75mm hardwood architrave, plugged and

screwed to brickwork, including mitres …per linear metre.

8. 38mm × 150mm hardwood window board tongue

at back to sill, on and including softwood bearers …per linear metre.

9. 50mm softwood door, 1m × 2m in three panels, the upper panel 1800mm × 450mm open and rebated for glass with applied moulding one side, including hanging on butts (measured separately) …per door.

10 State the labour constants you would use for fixing the following items:

(a) Standard internal door 0.8mm × 2,0m;

(b) Softwood window 0,9m × 1m;

(c) 25mm softwood shelving;

(d) Plugging to concentrate walls;

(e) Mortice lock to hardwood door;

(f) 13mm × 150mm bolt to roof timbers;

(g) 150mm × 100mm softwood purlins;

(h) 50mm woodwool slabs on flat roof.


Analysis of Builders' Prices / © ICG / Page 34


Carcassing timber – per cubic metre R48

Softwood for joinery – per cubic metre R54

Hardwood – per cubic metre R160

25mm roof boarding – per square metre R1,25

22mm tongued and grooved flooring – per square metre R1,35

Nails – per kg R0,25

12,7mm insulation board – per square meter R0,83

Prepare timber in door – cubic metre R80

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