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Use as a reference Programming Challenge #1 “Sum Of Numbers”
Sum of Numbers:    Write a program that asks the user for a positive integer value.The program should use a loop to get the sum of all the integersfrom 1 up to the number entered. For example, if the user enters50, the loop will find the sum of 1, 2, 3, 4, … 50. InputValidation: Do not accept a negative starting number.2. Charactersfor the ASCII Codes Write a program that uses a loop to display thecharacters for the ASCII codes. You will need at least 4 functions: menu, summation, factorial,and exponential. Make sure that your header block shows that you have functionsand how information is passed between them. Each function shouldhave its own header block. A header block is comprised of severallines of comments at the top of each function that explain what thefunction does. See program 6-28 in your chapter for examples. Think about the scope of your variables. Variables used onlyinside of the function should be declared locally to that function.No global variables, please. Return “choice” from displayMenufunction. And, (for example) if you have a counter variable down inSummation, then declare it locally to Summation. Make the menu display and resultant output look very clean andprofessional. Same validation requirements as what you submitted for previousassignments such as invalid selection etc. Pseudocode for the main function might look like this:
choice = displayMenu (this function will return the user’schoice)
switch on choice
case 1
call function to handle summation
case 2
call function to handle factorial
case 3
call function to handle exponential
case 4
output goodbye statement
case 5
handle incorrect choice (ie, choice not 1-4)
end switch
while (choice not equal to 4)
end main
——–pseudocode for displaymenu function
int function displayMenu()
output the menu
input the user’s choice
return choice
——-pseudocode for function summation
void function summation()
prompt for summation maxNumber
input maxNumber
while (maxNum TOOBIG)
output error message
input maxNumber
end while
etc….. . . .

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