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umuc soc100 umuc soc100 quiz 4 note it is recommended that you save your response as 3598203

Note: It is recommended that you save your response as you complete each question.
Question 1(Mandatory)(0.25 points)
The term assimilation is defined by the text as:
Question 1 options:
a) The process by which a minority individual or group takes on the characteristics of the dominant culture.

b) The act of singling out an individual because of his or her race.

c) The theory that prejudice is embedded in our culture.

d) When a dominant group forces a subordinate group to leave a certain area or even the country.

Question 2(Mandatory)(0.25 points)
The term discrimination is defined in the text as:
Question 2 options:
a) The theory that prejudice is embedded in our culture.

b) Biased thought based on flawed assumptions about a group of people.

c) Prejudiced action against a group of people.

d) An expression of dissatisfaction with the justice system.

Question 3(Mandatory)(0.25 points)
When Jeanette’s parents find out her twin brother, Rex, has been sexually active, they tell him to use protection. When they found out Jeanette has been sexually active, they ground her for a month. This is an example of:
Question 3 options:
a) a double standard

b) homophobia

c) a misunderstanding

d) gender identity

Question 4(Mandatory)(0.25 points)
When thinking about gender, Jeff sees men as the dominant social group and women the subordinate group. This exploitation of the subordinate group has created social problems, such as high rates of poverty among single mothers. Which sociological perspective best fit Jeff’s views?
Question 4 options:
a) Conflict theory

b) Symbolic Interactionism

c) Functionalism

d) Cyberfeminism

Question 5(Mandatory)(0.25 points)
The term segregation is defined in the text as:
Question 5 options:
a) The physical separation of two groups, particularly in residence, but also in workplace and social functions.

b) The process by which a minority individual or group takes on the characteristics of the dominant culture.

c) The integration of diverse cultural concepts into a public school curriculum.

d) The deliberate annihilation of a targeted, usually subordinate, group.

Question 6(Mandatory)(0.25 points)
Which of the following is an example of racial steering?
Question 6 options:
a) Real estate agents directing white clients to look for housing in certain neighborhoods, and non-white clients to others.

b) Kiki being told she’ll be bad at math because she is a girl.

c) The Trail of Tears, when the United States government forced Native Americans to permanently leave their homes and territory.

d) Jose’s parents not allowing him to date Martha because she is of a different race.

Question 7(Mandatory)(0.25 points)
____________ is/are an individual’s self-conception of being male or female based on his or her association with masculine or feminine gender roles.
Question 7 options:
a) sexual orientation

b) gender bias

c) gender identity

d) sexual attitudes

Question 8(Mandatory)(0.25 points)
Sociologists call a group of people who, because of physical or cultural characteristics, are singled out from others in society for differential, unequal treatment a(n)
Question 8 options:
a) occupational grouping
b) minority group
c) anomic collective
d) ethnic organization
Question 9(Mandatory)(0.25 points)
The same owner-worker relationship seen in the labor force is also seen in the household, with women assuming the role of the proletariat. According to our online textbook, this is the view of
Question 9 options:
a) Erving Goffman
b) Friedrich Engels
c) Emile Durkheim
d) Talcott Parsons
Question 10(Mandatory)(0.25 points)
Whether we are expressing our masculinity or femininity, West and Zimmerman argue, we are always “doing gender.” This means that
Question 10 options:
a) the symbolic interactionist approach to gender is incorrect

b) gender is something that we do or perform, not something that we are

c) race is more important that gender in terms of self-concept

d) gender identity is more important than gender roles in social interaction

Question 11(Mandatory)(0.25 points)
According to our online text, feminism is considered to be a type of
Question 11 options:
a) symbolic interactionism

b) functionalism

c) sociological imagination

d) conflict theory

Question 12(Mandatory)(0.25 points)
A deliberate annihilation of a targeted group of people, usually a subordinate group, is called
Question 12 options:
a) proletarianism

b) assimilation

c) incapacitation

d) genocide

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