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topic case study analysis peninsula hot springs format short report word limit 1 500 3501037

Topic: Case-study analysis: Peninsula Hot Springs Format: Short Report Word limit: 1,500 words (plus tables) 20 references Details: The Peninsula Hot Springs group has approached you to conduct an analysis of their strategy. Using the information communicated to you in week 4 by the founder of Peninsula Hot Springs (Note: please make sure you attend the lecture in week 4) as well as up to date sources of information from your own research, you are required to produce a short but comprehensive report, addressing the following points: 3. Building on your findings, discuss the fit between the company strategy and its context. 4. based on your discussion (point 3), outline the future for Peninsula Hot Springs and provide recommendations. Use all the theoretical concepts or frameworks (e.g., Generic Strategy, PESTLEDI, Porters Five Forces, and Resource-based View) to address the above points. This assignment has a word limit of 1,500 words. Note that cover page, table of contents, tables and reference list are excluded from the word count. Word count and originality compliance Word count within 20% +. Originality score equal to or below 20%. Originality match/s equal to or below 6% to one source Explain the current strategy of the company under investigation.20% Excellent and logical explanation of the current strategy. Excellent organization of ideas. Argument presented is logical and underpinned by the relevant theory Provide a situational analysis of the company under investigation.20% Full and skilful analysis of the company under investigation. Excellent organization of ideas (e.g., use of tables).Points and arguments presented are logical, convincing and supported with the relevant literature Discuss the fit between the company strategy and its context.15% Full and skilful discussion of the fit between the company strategy and its context. Argument presented is logical and convincing. Outline the future for the company & provide recommendations 15% Full and skilful overview & recommendation Use of research and quality of referencing 20% Consistently integrates research and ideas from relevant and appropriate sources. Consistently clear, well-integrated evidence using accurate paraphrase and summary. Consistently uses accurate references, appropriately positioned. References consistently conform to the appropriate referencing conventions, both in-text and in the reference list. Structure & Presentation 10% Assignment conforms to the prescribed structure; presentation is excellent I have attached an example of a report that with expected quality

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