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this is done in racket the matlab language supports a convenient notation for specif 5187955

This is done in racket.

The Matlab language supports a convenient notation for specifying ranges of numbers. The notation start:step:end denotes the range of integers start,start+step,start+2×step,…,start+n×stepstart,start+step,start+2×step,…,start+n×step, where nn is the largest integer such that start+n×step≤endstart+n×step≤end and start+(n+1)×step>endstart+(n+1)×step>end.

Note that the range may be empty if start>endstart>end. Write a scheme function (range (start step end)) which returns the list of integers equal to start:step:end.

This function will take a single rlist, (start step end), as an argument.


'(0 2 7))
=> (0 2 4 6) (
'(2 2 0))
=> ()

To make your code a little more legible, use the let construct:

define (
range rlist) (
let ( (
) (
) (
; your code here, using local variables start, step, end

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