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the proponents of government subsidized managed care in the u s want a plan that wou 5220535


The proponents of government-subsidized managed care in the U.S. want a plan that would be a single-payer universal health system managed by the federal government. Under such a system all Americans, young, old, poor, wealthy, working, or not working, would be covered under one plan; no Medicare, Medicaid, VA, Native American Health Service, private insurance, or HMOs would be included in the system. This one plan would pay for whatever healthcare a person needs. Many Americans oppose such a plan.

What do you think are the pros and cons of such a plan?
Would you want to be covered under such a plan?
Do you think you would be better or worse off with such a plan? Why?

300 – 400 words APA standards with at least 2 references and citations


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