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the minority report short story by philip k dick vs the minority report film adapti 5209332

“The Minority Report” Short Story by Philip K. Dick vs. The Minority Report Film adaption directed by Steven Spielberg.


Write an essay (500-700 words) comparing/contrasting the short story to the film adaption explaining which one is more engaging and why? 


•    Present a clear and arguable thesis in the introduction.
•    Organize effectively. Use appropriate transitions such as, In contrast/ However/ Like/ similarly/ both/ unlike, etc.
•    Use enough evidence to convince your reader to understand your interpretation of the two works as you do.
•    End your essay so that your reader feels he/she has gained new insight or understanding of the short story and/or film.
•    Include at least three literary terms in addtion to terms such as, pirotagonist and antagonist, in your essay.
•    Use at least five of the following words/phrases: corruption, vulnerable, dilemma, struggle, deified, dread, framed, flawed, to come to the realization, in charge of, mutants, agent, military coup, validity, exile, apprehending, detaining, and babbling
•    Cite your evidence.
•    Proofread carefully.



    • Posted: 4 years ago
    • Due: 06/02/2016
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