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Take Test: Chapter 15 Check-In Content Assistive Technology Tips [opens in new window] Instructions Description Complete the following 10 multiple choice questions to check on your understanding of chapter 15. This is not a test. Try to answer the questions first and then check your answers before submitting them. Instructions Multiple Attempts Not allowed. This test can only be taken once. Force Completion This test can be saved and resumed later. Question 1 Soap is classified as a(n) lipid oil surfactant plastic enzyme 1 points Question 2 Soap functions in the dissolution of grease when its ____ interacts with the nonpolar grease while its ____ interacts with water. hydrocarbon tail, ionic head ionic head, hydrocarbon tail hydrocarbon tail, micelle micelle, hydrocarbon tail ionic head, micelle 1 points Question 3 A mixture where one substance in a finely divided state is dispersed throughout another is known as a ____. polymer surfactant micelle colloidal suspension soap 1 points Question 4 Which of these was the primary problem with alkylbenzenesufonates (ABS) detergents? nonbiodegradable expensive limited effectiveness formation of curd none of these 1 points Question 5 Any substance that increases the effectiveness of a surfactant is known as a(n) ____. hydrate emulsifier builder dissolver oxidizer 1 points Question 6 Which of these processes occurs when phosphates are introduced into natural waters? I. Fish and marine life may undergo mutation. II. Fertilized algae grows into extremely large blooms. III. A large number of oxidation reactions deplete the oxygen supply. I only II only I and III II and III I and II 1 points Question 7 Which of these is not a molecular force that holds hair strands together? I. disulfide linkages II. hydrogen bonds III. nonpolar hydrocarbon tails I only III only I and II I and III I, II, and III 1 points Question 8 A small volatile molecule is most likely to be responsible for the ____ note of a perfume. top middle end none of the above 1 points Question 9 A polymer formed by the attaching monomer units one after another without the loss of any atoms is known as a(n) ____. thermopolymer condensation polymer copolymer addition polymer elastomer 1 points Question 10 Which of these classes of polymers best describes rubber? copolymer condensation polymer thermopolymer addition polymer elastomer 1 points Click Save and Submit to save and submit. Click Save All Answers to save all answers.

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