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summarize the article kurt g w ludecke the demagogic orator nazi popularity grew par 5175117


Kurt G. W. Ludecke THE DEMAGOGIC ORATOR Nazi popularity grew partly due to Hitlers power as an orator to play on the dissati Kurt G. W. Ludecke THE DEMAGOGIC ORATOR Nazi popularity grew partly due to Hitler's power as an orator to play on the dissatisfactions of postwar Germans with the Weimar Republic. In the follow ing selection from I Knew Hitler-The Story of a Nazi Who Escaped the Blood Purge (1937), Kurt G. W. Ludecke, an early supporter of Hitler who later broke with the Nazis, describes Hitler's ability to mesmerize his audience. …[When the Nazis marched into the Koenigsplatz with banners flying, their bands brown hair parted on one side and falling again playing stirring German marches, they were and again over his sweating brow. Threatening greeted with tremendous cheers. An excited, and beseeching, with small, pleading hands expectant crowd was now filling the beautiful and flaming, steel-blue eyes, he had the look of square to the last inch and overflowing into a fanatic surrounding streets. They were well over a hundred thousand. .. .I was close enough to Leaning from the tribune as if he were trying to see Hitler's face, watch every change in his ex- impel his inner self into the consciousness of all pression, hear every word he said. When the man stepped forward on the plat- and me with them, under a hypnotic spell by form, there was almost no applause. He stood the sheer force of his conviction. silent for a moment. Then he began to speak, quietly and ingratiatingly at first. Before long manhood with a blast of words that seemed to his voice had risen to a hoarse shriek that gave cleanse. “Bavaria is now the most German land an extraordinary effect of an intensity of feel- in Germany!” he shouted, to roaring applause ing. There were many high-pitched, rasping Then, plunging into sarcasm, he indicted the Critically I studied this slight, pale man, his Presently my critical faculty was swept away these thousands, he was holding the masses, He urged the revival of German honor and leaders in Berlin as “November Criminals,” notes… .

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