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sql exercise help write the code to create a database with the followingtables songs 4946788

SQL EXERCISE HELP ! Write the code to create a database with the followingtables:
Songs: each song has a title, duration, andgenre. Title and duration are required; genre is not. Publish datehas to be before today, and after the first day of the currentyear. Genre must be at least 3 characters.
Albums: each album has a title, artist, releasedate, price, format, and genre. All fields except genre arerequired. Price can’t be negative. Format must be record, cd, oreight track. Release date can be any date after 1/1/1931 if theformat is record; any date after 1/1/1968 if the format is eighttrack; and any date after 1/1/1979 if it’s a cd. . . .

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