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social security paper 4 6 pages research the development and administration of the u 3799124

Social Security Paper (4–6 pages)

Research the development and administration of the U.S. Social Security program. Include its history, current structure, and calculation of benefits; also, include other benefits available through the program.


Note from professor about the paper:

I don’t have specific expectations beyond those articulated in the Rubric. You can take this paper in the direction you’d like provided you hit the 4 areas articulated which is some history, current structure, calculation of benefits and other benefits available.

For example, if you wanted to focus on disability benefits under SS you could talk about the history, development, calculations and other aspects of that particular benefit. Or you could be broader and talk about the entire system and summarize the various benefits with a high level indication of how benefits are determined. Or you could focus solely on widow benefits or divorcee benefits. If you’re in the military and not covered by Social Security you could talk about that, and add in how you might coordinate that with benefits your spouse may qualify for and the impact on your retirement planning.

This is a complicated and technical area. Please be sure you take enough time to interpret and understand the information before/as you’re writing. Cutting and pasting from various sources (which are plentiful!) isn’t going to be sufficient.

By no means do you need to use or cite these for your papers. These are just a couple relevant articles

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