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select one of the following prompts topic ideas for your big 5 7 pg persuasive resea 4957061

Select one of the following prompts/topic ideas for your big (5-7 pg) persuasive research paper, which requires 6 primary, reliable, critical sources.Your position should be based on the sound evidence you find in your research, not your own personal view or experience, as this is to be an objective persuasive paper, with every claim backed up with suitable published evidence.


  • Why is there a rise in so many syndromes with no discernible cause, like autism, ADD, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome? You may select one or multiple conditions, as long as your claim is focused and expressed clearly.
  • What is the clinical science behind the social trend of “gender dysphoria”?
  • What are the causes/cures of self-harm or self-mutilation among youth today? Is it a trend that is increasing or decreasing, and why?
  • The legalization of marijuana – Pro: industry, economic gains, personal freedom, health benefits, less crime, etc., Con: the effects on minors, the difficulties for police (DUI? How do you regulate it?), etc.
  • The Feminist Movement: Pro/Con, or cause/effect
  • The need for preventive health care for mental illnesses
  • The global and/or local effects and results of the Syrian war (ISIS, PTSD, international refugee crisis, traumatized children, families divided, trauma, infrastructure, genocide, etc.)
  • The development of the two-party political system (Democrats and Republicans), how it evolved, what each party has stood for throughout various historical trends and events (ie., Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists, Civil War, secession, slavery, womens right to vote, desegregation, etc.) Has it always been “Democrat = Progressive” and “Republican = Conservative”? If not, how did this current ideology evolve?
  • Illegal immigration: does it help or harm our economy, safety, culture, schools, infrastructure, etc.?
  • Terrorism: domestic or otherwise. What is it, how does it affect its victims, perpetrators perceptions of each other? Is there a rise in terrorism around the globe, or is it just getting reported by the media more?
  • The media: Is there a non-biased, objective source of truth in the news today? What about “fake news,” “truthiness,” or the top new word of the year in 2016: “post-truth”?

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