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respond to each item each response should be concise and between 2 3 paragraphs in l 5220984

  • Respond to each item. Each response should be concise and between 2–3 paragraphs in length.
  • Use MS Word to write your responses, and submit your answers to all three questions in one Word document.
  • Copy and paste each question within the document, so that your instructor can see which question you are responding to.
  1. Lilian G. Katz has been credited with a number of contributions to the field of early childhood education. One of her contributions, the Project Approach, has been known to foster children's development and learning as early as toddlerhood ,and can also be used just as successfully with children in the upper elementary grades. Summarize the main elements of the Project Approach, and identify at least two ways that it exemplifies meaningful learning for children of any age.
  2. Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences first included seven different kinds of intelligence; he currently includes nine. Reflect on what you have learned about this theory, and consider the differences between the traditional theory of intelligence and the theory of multiple intelligences as summarized in this week's Learning Resources. Then, explain how children in an educational setting might benefit from a teacher who understands and believes in Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences.
  3. Reflect on what you have learned this week about emotional intelligence and social/emotional learning. Consider the “four branches” of emotional intelligence—accurately perceiving emotions in oneself and others, using emotions to facilitate thinking, understanding emotional meanings, and managing emotions (as defined by researchers John Mayer and Peter Salovey). Then, explain why emotional intelligence is a vital attribute in both teaching and learning situations.
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