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research the following data modeling benefits of sql for application processing base 5189144

research the following:

Data modeling

Benefits of SQL for application processing

Based on your research and understanding, complete the following discussions:

Discuss the benefits of views. Examine how views can affect database usability by considering both positive and negative aspects. Provide examples from business cases to support your response.

Evaluate and discuss the given comment: “The database is slow and does not provide the data I need. Using this system makes my job harder.”Based on your evaluation, answer the following questions:

What could be the possible reasons behind the problems the user has described?

What would be your recommendations for addressing these problems? Why?

Consider how business processes can change over time. Discuss the effects of these changes on database design and ongoing development in the area. Research and include at least two examples to support your claims.

Consider the given statement: “When I provided the business requirements to the database development team, the team confirmed that it understood what I needed. However, the entity-relationship (E-R) model does not support the business requirements, and I now have to redesign the system.” How would you resolve this issue? What are some possible solutions to the stated problem?

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