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required to set up a network consisting of pcs routers switches and servers you will 5154301

Required to set up a network consisting of PCs, routers, switches and servers. You will need to configure routing between routers, use any dynamic routing protocol. The PCs (clients) will be connected to switches and switches to the router's interfaces. Clients and Servers are connected on different networks (don’t attach clients and servers on same network).

Client(s) <–> Switch <–> Router <–> Router <–> Switch <–> Server(s)

you are required to research a range of options/methods that can be used for network designing . Based on your research you are required to post your views on pros and cons of each available option for the completion of the above task and select an option that you will use to complete that assessment. justify the reasons behind your selection.

  • Expressing your professional viewpoint on the topic.
  • Justifying your viewpoint with valid and credible evidence.

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