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 Respond to at least three of your classmates’ posts.  (Greet your classmates)

Philip Peevy 

Greetings, classmates!

My name is Philip Peevy, and I currently work as an adjunct professor/lab instructor at Miami-Dade College in Miami, Florida. I have also served as an English tutor for the past twenty-one years. Right now, I seek a master’s degree in Higher Education at Ashford University. Once I earn this degree, I plan to use my education to obtain a full-time faculty position. Since I am a college employee, this course and major has not only improved my teaching skills; it has also helped me to provide effective activities and assessments for my adult students.

So far, I have learned a great deal throughout my courses at Ashford University. For instance, I have learned a lot more about the use of lectures, differentiated instruction, and other instructional strategies; I have also with federal and state laws governing ADA and FERPA,  .

Furthermore,i have also learned to use technology more effectively  with my postsecondary students. I need to improve my skills with using technological tools; by doing so, I will be able to engage pupils of various backgrounds and abilities (ELLs, students of color, disabled adults, as so on).


Hi, all!

Please be sure to check out my profile to learn more about me!  Here I want to share Option 2 with you!

Option 2:
Introduce yourself to your classmates by sharing any prior experience you have in postsecondary student affairs and/or student development and what you hope to gain from this theory and research-based course in student development. Respond to at least three of your classmates’ posts.

Based on my experiences within both online and traditional F2F course at the postsecondary student affairs AND student development, I have had opportunities to implement theory and research that is based on his course.  For example, some of the challenges that students face can be new technologies and demands for greater accountability (NASPA, 2010).  These are not only present within student affairs but can also be challenges for the facilitators of education as well.  Currently, I supervise student teachers in pursuit of certification.  One teacher has limited access to technology and while observing, it was apparent that the teacher has limited skills for utilizing the technology available.  This is definitely an area for greater accountability and exposure to new technologies.

Thanks for reading!


NASPA. (2010). . Retrieved from

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Please introduce yourself to your classmates by first sharing why you originally chose the higher education specialization in the MAED, and how your perspective on this choice has evolved throughout your program. Respond to at least three of your classmates’ posts.

Greetings everyone!

My name is Anthony Jamar Patrick. I was born in a small city name Saginaw, Michigan. I moved then to Long Beach, California in July of 2004, where I finished 4th grade- college.

After I graduated high school in 2012 and went to San Diego State University. I am graduated in May 15, 2016 with Bachelor’s Fine Art degree in Dance with a minor in Communication. That not was such a great milestone for me, but it is was a day of sadness. My Grandmother who admired my wonderful life accomplishments passed away hours after I walked across the stage. 2 weeks after graduation, my family decided to move to Memphis, TN. I moved to Memphis, and immediately got a job teaching Performing Art at a Kipp Middle School here in Memphis. I didn’t like it much, so I left the school and got a job working at Libertas School of Memphis. It is A public Montessori School in the city of Frayser in Memphis. I have been a PreK-Kindergarten teacher at Libertas for 3 Years and this year I am the Assistant Dean of Students.

I have such a loving and supportive family. My dad is a TSA work for the Memphis Airport. My mom who is a recently Ashford University with a BA in Early Childhood. My mother is what inspired me to to teach. She has been a teacher my whole 24 years of life. We currently teach at the same school. I have 2 older brothers who also lives in Memphis, TN. My oldest Brother is married with  3 children: 2 Boys and 1 Girl. My Middle Brother has 2 Children. I don’t have any children, and will be keeping it that way for a while.

I originally chose to study specialization in Higher Education because  I attended a high school that consists of predominantly minorities students who mostly attended school because they were legally forced to and had little to no desire to apply to attend college. Once I started college at San Diego State University I noticed how underrepresented the African-American and other minority students population were on the campus. That’s when I realized that students coming from low-income communities are not given and I wanted to help create a plan to increase the amount of African- American teachers/professor in today’s colleges and universities.

My perspective of education in general have changed for better during my graduate educational process. I have learned so much about making learning purposeful for students and how to  create the best possible learning environment for all students. I learned new pedagogical technicals that I didn’t even know existed. I am excited to to begin learning about the development of the adult student. Working with students 4-10 years old, I have learned that children mind absorb knowledge it is easy to mode and form things for them. However, adult students can be very different. They have already developed brains and and function different. So I am ready to learn how to meet the development needs as well as academics needs of an adult student.

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