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quicksort 1 call quicksort on entire arraycall partition onentire array a set up var 5123031

QuickSort 1- Call quicksort on entire arrayCall partition onentire array A- – Set up variables for: a- – – The value of the partition element b- – – The left and right pointers c- – – The middle index B- – Store the value at the middle index of the array(the pivot) C- – Move it (the pivot) out of the way (swap it withthe value at the min index D- – Set the left and right pointers to min and maxindexes E- – While the left pointer index is less than the rightpointer(the pointers have not met) a- – – While the left pointer index is less than theright pointer and the data at the left index is <= the value ofthe partition element add 1 to the left pointer (i.e. keep movingthe left pointer to the right until you find a value greater thanthe pivot) b- – – While the data at the right index is greater thanthe pivot subtract 1 from the right pointer(i.e. keep moving theright pointer to the left until you find a value less than or equalto the pivot) c- – – If the left pointer is less than the rightpointer (i.e. the pointers have not met) c1- – – – Swap the values at the left and right pointers(the value > than the pivot moves to the right and the value . . .

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