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Question Only do TWO business instead of the FOUR that the instructions suggest. Go to those businesses and check the items listed on the forms. What made these visits particularly good or bad? Of course, please read the chapter before you do this experiment. In your discussion, you should include the kinds of turn-offs that you experienced. For your post, report your findings and draw some conclusions from the experiences. Since this is a somewhat detailed assignment, you should read the other classmates' experiences, but you don't have to make a detailed response (Unless you are moved to do so.). I need above 250 words 1. Let’s go “mystery shopping.” One way we can get a clearer understanding of customer turnoffs is to observe, in a systematic way, specific behaviors in places we do business. This is called “mystery shopping” or “secret shopping.” It can be an excellent way to identify possible turnoffs customers may be experiencing. In this exercise we are focusing mostly on people turnoffs. Assume that the behaviors described on the Sample Mystery Shopper Form (Exhibit 6.2) are important to you as a customer (and the absence of them turns you off). Make cop- ies of that form and try a little mystery shopping. Here is how: a. Select a minimum of four businesses of the same type (retailers, restaurants, banks, auto dealers, etc.) to visit as a mystery shopper. Your task will be to pose as a potential shopper seeking information. You may want information about account types from banks, details on a particular computer or appliance from electronics stores, information about a particular automobile, and so forth. Then plan to visit these businesses posing as a customer. b. Be yourself during these visits. Don’t attempt to act. Respond naturally to the employees. Maintain an open and unbiased attitude. Carefully observe what the com- pany does well or poorly. Don’t go in with a chip on your shoulder—with the attitude that you’ll catch them doing something wrong—and don’t overemphasize the negative. If you can’t remember whether the employee did or did not do something positive, assume that he or she did. c. Immediately after each visit, complete an evaluation form. (In real-world mystery shopping, you can and probably should modify this data-gathering form to make it more appropriate for the specific type of businesses you will be visiting.) d. When you have gathered your data from four or more locations, compile a brief report describing what you found. Identify key turnoffs (by category), if possible. Comment on things done well and opportunities for improvement. I need to give comment for these 2 posts 1. My visit is went to two different restaurants . They provide different food and different feeling. As the first one, it is a Asian restaurant. When we was getting in, the waiter gave us a beautiful smile and made a eye contact with me. She didn’t let us wait a long time and settle us as soon as possible. When we ordering the dish, she also give us the attention, and often ask us the if something need help. After the we finished main courses, the waiter bring some desert for us and told us this is free, hope we can enjoy. I think it is a very good action, because we will give her more tip and leave us a nice impression. The second visits, I chose a french restaurant. I found it from the Yelp. Its grade is very high. People who has went it all said they cooked a delicious dish. However, at first, the valet did not gave us a welcome attitude. There were very over crowded when we entered. We stood near the bar 10 minutes and no one came in for asking until we looked like to leave. A couple minutes late, a waiter who looked so hurried came in and then settle us a small table. We read the menu and we wanted to order as soon as possible. But the waiter was still ignore us. 15 minutes late, another waiter came in for ordering. But he had not gave us any introduction or suggestion about the menu. We spent about 30 minutes for ordering totally. I could understand they were busy so they can't pay time for taking care of us, but we couldn't accept the long time for wait always. After this visit, I give them a low grade in the Yelp. 2 During this week I visited two stores and observed their actions, the way their customer service was, and how they approached me as a customer. Some had excellent customer service, and others left me with the thought that I wouldn't like to return. When someone walks into a store we all look for customer service somehow, whether you are waiting for someone to greet you as you walk through the door, or whether you need someone to help you find an item, even how fast it takes the cashier to ring you out. These are the things that determine whether a customer will return or not. First store I had walked into was CVS. I walked through the door without being acknowledged or asked if I needed help finding anything. There was a particular item on sale that I had wanted, but there wasn't any left. As a customer you have the right to ask for a rain check. One of the cashiers first questioned me about the sale as though if I was lying about it, then I had to prove the sale was real by pulling out the store catalog. As an employee aren't you supposed to be aware of any sales or promotions going on? I was upset about his attitude towards me and then he handed me the rain check with an attitude . The whole experience was a turn off, I felt as though I wasn't treated in a professional manner especially as a customer who goes there often. Due to this turn off I will not visit this CVS and they have now lost a loyal customer. I much rather go to another CVS before I go to that one again. Second store I went to was BJ's. I walk into BJ's with my co-workers. As we walked through the door we were pleasentaly greeted by the person near the door. As I walked in I had to make a line to have my name added to the business account at work. The gentleman was so polite and fast, he made sure we understood everything and made sure that everything was done correctly. As I walked through the store everything was just so clean and nicely organized and employees were asking ” Are you finding everything ok”? Now that's what you call a good customer service! After shopping around we finally reached the check out line. Only one cashier was open and I was in line for quite a while. As customers we like to get something and get checked out fast, this was a major turn off, such a big store and just one cashier open? Now I know that if I choose to go there when I'm in a rush that wouldn't be a good idea. On a good note, the service and attentiveness from employees was excellent. From my experiences in these store I have learned that all stores have different ways of displaying customer service. Also, does not emphasize or does not train their employees well on the important of customer service. By just walking into these stores I was able to just feel how valued or how not valued I was as a customer.

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