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python scripting what i have gathered the point of this assignment is to assigneach 4944836

Python Scripting What I have gathered, the point of this assignment is to assigneach of those header types into a list like this; header1 =[“ClientID”,”EmployeeID”,”MemberFirstName”,”MemberLastName”,”DeductionAttempted”,”DeductionCollected”,”Status”,”DeductionDate”]

header2 =[“ClientID”,”EmployeeID”,”MemberFirstName”,”MemberLastName”,”DeductionAttempted”,”DeductionCollected”,”Status”,”DeductionDate”]


header4 =[“ClientID”,”EmployeeID”,”DeductionAttempted”,”DeductionCollected”,”Status”,”DeductionDate”,”KRO-PAY-000284″]

header5 = [“MemberFirstName”,”MemberLastName”,”EmployeeID”]

header6 =[“FirstName”,”MiddleName”,”LastName”,”EmployeeId”,”SSN”,”BenId”,”OptionId”,”TierId”,”AmountTaken”,”Month”] Then you have this to format it as below: 1) Harmonize cases. For example, “EmployeeID” and “EmployeeId”should be the same (This I take to mean that all of them have to bein the same format) 2) Merge all the header lists into a single one so that no valueis duplicated. This can be accomplished using set. (Then you wantto merge them all together into a single list and print theresult) 3) Remove values that provide redundant information (This shouldactually be the second one an example that was given is you want tohave like “FirstName”, “MiddleName”, “LastName” instead of”EMPLOYEE_NAME”) Below are the header names for different enrollment files thatmust be processed. You are tasked to create a harmonized headerformat. There must be no repeated data. For example, EMPLOYEE_NAMEand “MemberFirstName & MemberLastName” provide the sameinformation and can’t all be in the harmonized format. Start by creating a list for eachheader type. ClientID,EmployeeID,MemberFirstName,MemberLastName,DeductionAttempted,DeductionCollected,Status,DeductionDate ClientID| EmployeeID| MemberFirstName| MemberLastName|DeductionAttempted| DeductionCollected| Status| DeductionDate EMPLOYEE_NAME,EMPLOYEE_NUMBER,REMITTANCE_AMOUNT,PRODUCT_TYPE ClientID,EmployeeID,DeductionAttempted,DeductionCollected,Status,DeductionDate,KRO-PAY-000284 MemberFirstName,MemberLastName,EmployeeID “FirstName”,”MiddleName”,”LastName”,”EmployeeId”,”SSN”,”BenId”,”OptionId”,”TierId”,”AmountTaken”,”Month” . . .

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