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Purpose: The purpose of this executive report is to answer your research question with peer- reviewed research/evidence by providing an in-depth understanding and application of leadership research/evidence and strategies.

Concept: The idea behind this assignment is that an organization is facing a leadership issue/crisis/situation and you have been hired as a consultant to prepare the C-Suite to address this issue by analyzing research and best practices in leadership.

This report is a briefing for the executives based upon the leadership issue/crisis/situation you have selected. We are going to assume that the executives are familiar with research terminology.

Also, you will be sharing your report with your colleagues in your class so that you will have briefings and information for many different leadership situations.

DETAILS: The information included in this report must be cited (state where your information comes from- all info must be cited) and in APA format. Please use headers and other organization strategies to provide clarity for the reader (e.g., bullet points and/or charts/graphs).

REPORT I. PART ONE: Rationale: Why is this important to study? Why is this relevant? State the rationale and explain the leadership situation/dilemma (APPROXIMATELY ONE PAGE IN LENGTH) a. Include the issue/situation, current news items or occurrences and any other relevant information.

II. PART TWO: Leadership Theory/Approach a. Include relevant leadership theories and/or philosophies that help explain, describe and/or predict behaviors. How do these theories/philosophies relate to the issue/dilemma?

III. Part Three: Application- Leadership Practices a. Take the theory and research evidence and explain how it translates into communicative leadership practices by applying the research you conducted and unpacking the findings. What should the C- Suite do to best resolve the issue? What are the best practices?

IV. Summary: Main Point to Remember a. What are the most important things to remember when addressing issues like this?

**Be sure to draw heavily upon our textbooks, readings and the research articles to make your report. Use a format that is easy to read and is organized in an efficient manner. Be sure to proofread and edit your work.

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