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project control systems is a combination of tasks aimed at adherence of a project to 5217906

  1. Project Control Systems is a combination of tasks aimed at adherence of a project to its objectives to ensure efficiency and timely completion of the project. The sources of information needed by PCS are primarily research into the particular type of project that is underway. For instance, a business project would require analysis of previously enumerated data and trends of the business regarding challenges and benefits. Such information can be obtained by reading intensively information in books or data on related websites. Consultancy from experts could also provide relevant information that is helpful in terms of planning on costs and time required for a project. These are people with a long-term experience on project management or regarding similar projects. Information collected this ways enables PCS to execute its planning and management duties so as to ensure the success of a project.

  2. The success of an improvement plan is evaluated to determine its effectiveness in achieving a better outcome as compared to the previous outcome. The improvement plan can be assesses by drawing comparison between the outcome achieved after the improvement plan and that obtained before. A positive difference means the improvement plan is productive and a negative or very insignificant difference indicates an ineffective improvement plan. Quality measurements are also useful in measurement of the success of an improvement plan. Quality measurements entail analysis on the expected levels of accuracy, competitiveness, responsiveness and marketability of products. These aspects give an impression of the effectiveness of the improvement plan as they restrict one to focus on the set objectives and work for nothing less than the target. The combination of outcome comparisons and quality measurements form a strategic approach for the evaluation of an improvement plan. The strategies also create grounds for adjustments to be made.


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