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prepare and execute each of the queries listed using the quot adventureworks2012 quo 5196199

Prepare and execute each of the queries listed using the “Adventureworks2012” database in SQL: The Adventureworks2012 Database can be located here

Problem: Write a query to find out how many people have a Seattle address. List the Address ID, Address Lines (Street and Apt number if available), City, StateProvince ID, Name, and Business Entity ID. Use the Person.Address, Person.AddressType, and Person.BusinessEntityAddress tables. Sort by Address ID. You should get 141 records for the results.

Don't try this if your using a 32bit based computer x86. need amd64, x86_64 on intel. Someone else tried to respond, but said they got that error. If you are a computer science expert you should be aware of this

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