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Precision Tax Accounting Company

Using the name” Precision Tax accounting” as the name of the company, Develop a paper that is  Operational Plan Based on the organization you have selected; Operational Plan that addresses the following (guidelines): a) What is the supply chain for your prospective organization? Where does your organization bring value in this supply chain? b) Who are your main partners and suppliers? What are their locations? What is your contingency plan? c) How will you optimize operational effectiveness in your organization? How will you ensure your firm is lean? d) Consider your operational plan from a value chain perspective and identify and discuss the primary and support activities.

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Precision Tax Accounting is a company that deals with the marketing and selling of software worldwide. Since the company is a global organization, we have come up with an efficient supply chain. This is to enable the country to fully serve the customers with efficiency. As a result of global operation, the company uses the Continuous Replenishment Method. This supply chain is very efficient in because it ensures that the software are ever ready in stock. This is because the company receives orders from different countries. This makes the company to always have products ready, as it can receive orders at any… time. The organization benefits from this supply chain by reducing the time taken to carry out……


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