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pol110 week 11 discussion question please respond to the following discussion questi 3802989

POL110 week 11 discussion question

Please respond to the following discussion question.

Self-review of Course” Please respond to the following:

  • Near the beginning of this Course Guide, you will find 15 course outcomes. Based on these outcomes, address the following:
    • Select at least one outcome that was well accomplished from your point of view and explain why.
    • Select at least one outcome that was not well accomplished and that you believe needed further coverage.
  • Provide at least one enlightening experience you had in this course. For example, what fact or concept was new, surprising, or very interesting and you would not have known if you had not taken the course. Explain why this is valuable to you.






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Our week three discussion on federalism really opened my thinking on this topic which in most cases is not put to its proper context.  I was able to appreciate the fact that federalism is a mixed from of government which entails sharing of responsibility between the central government and the regional government. As we delved deeper into the topic, I was able to realise that federalism is vital because its enable those in power at the regional level to set and implement policies that are suitable to the people living in their locality….


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