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please write the code for spim 1 write and debug a mips program that computes factor 5188883

Please write the code for SPIM

1. Write and debug a MIPS program that computes factorial of a given number iteratively (not recursively). This is a MIPS program with looping. Instructions and Hints: Begin by writing the factorial calculation in your favorite high-level programming language and including the entire program as a comment in your MIPS program like the Python code as in the practice problem. Your high-level code must work correctly for any value from 0! upward (remember that 0! =1 by definition) for answers that will fit in 32 bits. Your high level language implementation and your MIPS implementation must use the SAME algorithm (same type of loop, same number of and location of branches, no try statements etc.) You will want to use an algorithm that will minimize the number of branches necessary to make the assembly version simpler.

2. mplement a program to calculate the 2's complement of a number entered by the user. The program should only use the XOR and ADD operators. Your program should include a proper and useful prompt for input, and print the results in a meaningful manner, similar to above.

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