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please use python 2 7 and use two while loops nested for this problem please do not 5153303

Please use Python 2.7, and use TWO WHILE LOOPS(nested) for this problem. Please do NOT use a “For” loop. The problem, the answer template, and the test cases it MUST pass are provided below in that order.


Write code that takes a string and a substring from the user, and removes all instances of the substring, returning that new resultant string.
You may not use any built-in functions/methods besides len() and .append(). Specifically, you may NOT use the replace() method.

Here is the Answer Template:

def remove(string, sub):

    string = string
    sub = sub
    #YOUR CODE GOES HERE (indented)

    return []

And finally, the Test Cases it must pass!

remove happyhappycatbihapytr hap pypycatbiytr remove happyhappycatbihpytr hap pypycatbihpytr remove happyhappycatbihxaxpytr hap pypycatbihxaxpytr remove bird i brd remove happybirthday ppybir hathday

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