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please read this article and discuss medina jennifer 2011 august 30 casino town puts 3832942

Please read this article and discuss:

Medina, Jennifer. (2011 August 30) Casino Town Puts Its Money On Hispanic Market. New York Times.
Available on 2011 December 23 in EbscoHost via the Touro College eLibrary

Notice that targeting this market goes deeper than language.

Question 1) What made this company’s targeting and other marketing strategies successful?

Question 2) What 3 principles and ideas from the readings can you use to explain this company’s success? For instance, think of segmentation, influence, reference groups … You can use readings from any module.

Question 3) What lessons about targeting a new market do you take away from this analysis? (Be very specific in relating each lesson to this case. For instance, do not say, “A company should …” Instead, say, “The companies discussed in (refer to the appropriate Background material) demonstrated that …”).

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