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plagiarism must be 0 all reference from published paper no websites please dont cons 4954635

Plagiarism must be 0%, all reference from published paper NO websites.
Please, dont consider the title page and reference page as on of the 4 orderd pages.
1. Discuss Google scholar and enumerate on its merits and drawbacks for medical searches. Point out advanced searching techniques that enhance any web search. Emphasize the importance of search filters for Google and other search engines. Give examples of advanced search options and advanced operators. Discuss how Pubmed is part of larger National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). List some of the drawbacks of PubMed search, such as the need for training, using limits and slowness compared to, e.g. Google.

2. Clearly state the difference between telehealth and telemedicine. Provide example of both. Provide a definition of public health information that is easy to understand. Discuss the need of public health informatics to address disease surveillance, epidemics, natural disasters and bioterrorism. Compare and contrast the difference between a paper-based surveillance system and modern public health information network.

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