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physcology essay help objective while we study many theories and ideas the real test 3802710

physcology essay help

Objective :  While we study many theories and ideas, the real test of understanding is being able to see the real life or concrete examples of these ideas. This assignment is to notice some of these theories and ideas in action either in your own life, a news story, book or movie and describe how they relate to what we are talking about in class. Share a paragraph summary of the example and then explain how it relates to our course material. End with a question to promote discussion of your example.

For example, in PSY 140, we discuss the biopsychosocial approach, the idea that behavior is most clearly understood if you look at the biological, psychological and social causes behind the behavior. We apply this idea to the story of Andrea Yates, a young mother who drowned her 5 children in the bathtub. We then label all the possible causes of her actions by using the biopsychosocial approach.

The topic the essay should be about: 

TOPIC:  Gender Roles and Gender identity 


Gender Roles —   expectations of how men and women are supposed to behave 

(example: boys play football, not girls)

Gender Identity —  how a person views himself or herself in terms of gender.

(example:  a girl feeling like she’s a boy)

The assignment should be TWO PAGES typed (about a fourth of the paper should be a summary and the majority of the page your discussion of how our class material applies.) YOU CAN USE RESOURCES BUT THEY DO NOT HAVE TO BE CITED.

The assignment will be graded according to the following criteria:

40 points Summary of example : Is the example about ¼ of the paper?

Does the summary convey the example well?

60 points Application of how the class material applies to the example:

Is this about ¾ of the paper?

Does the example fit the theories or ideas well?

Does your discussion of how the theories or ideas fit the

example show a clear and correct understanding?

Total = 100 points

…………..Answer Preview…………..
Gender role as well as gender identity are two different terms in the development. To start with Gender identity is referred as a personal conception of oneself as a female or male (or in rare cases both, neither) Therefore, this concept is related to gender role that is referred as the outward manifestations of the personality……………..APA563 Words



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