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At​ Zappos, core values are​ _______.

A. the driving force behind how the business should be run B. constantly changing as business changes

C. important but not the primary focus D. focused on efficiency E. secondary to productivity and profit


Many of Zappos core values focus on things like creating a little weirdness and having​ fun, but of which are intrinsic rewards. How many of Zappos core values speak to an extrinsic​ reward?

A. 3 . B. 4 . C. 7 . D. 6 . E. 0


When Courtney decided to loop in the senior VP​ Heather, what reason did Courtney give to the team for looping someone outside the team into the team communications regarding a specific​ project?

A. She could do the work better alone. B. She wanted someone on her side in case the project fell apart.

C. She and Heather share a common purpose. D. She did not understand the project.

E. She had a mentoring relationship with Heather.


Aaron suggests that Jen contact other academic institutions to obtain copies of surveys that have been conducted there. Which of the key roles

best describes the team role Aaron plays in this exchange with​ Jen?

A. Producer B. Controller C. Maintainer D. Adviser E. Linker


Raul's group has made little​ progress, and Eddie acknowledges that Raul​ “kind of does his own​ thing.” For this​ workgroup, which of the factors in the team effectiveness model is inhibiting​ productivity?

A. Performance evaluation and reward systems B. Team efficacy C. Leadership and structure   D. Mental models E. Allocation of roles


​Leah's group revised its focus when it recognized that some of its potential goals were already being handled by Career Services. This tactic is an example of​ _______.

A. team efficacy B.process losses C. social loafing D. reflexivity E. groupthink


Leah enthuses about the synergy of her team and​ how, despite​ members' age​ differences, they all perceive the project similarly and are​ “on the same​ page.” This is an example of​ _______.

A. groupthink B. team inefficacy C. social loafing D. reflexivity E. team cohesion   


Matt directs the workgroups to bring their recommendations to the committee for approval and formalization. Of the types of teams illustrated in Exhibit 10-2​, what type are the​ workgroups?

A. ​Cross-functional team B. ​Self-managed work team C. ​Problem-solving team D. Department team E. Virtual team

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