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noreen e brewer p garrison r 2016 managerial accounting for managers 4th 3584131

Noreen, E., Brewer, P., & Garrison, R. (2016).Managerial accounting for managers. (4th ed.).McGraw-Hill  ISBN:  9781308886718



As you dive into Week 1 and begin to explore new elements of accounting and the accounting profession, you will find that the world of accounting offers many different types of jobs. Managerial and Financial accounting are just two examples of the many facets of the accounting world. As the world of accounting has changed greatly in the last ten years, there is a new focus on the importance of ethics in all areas of the accounting profession. Keep these key elements in mind as you explore the Week 1 materials, then address these questions:

1 – What are the key differences between managerial and financial accounting?

2 – How is managerial accounting relevant to you in your future career?

3 – Why has ethical behavior in the area of accounting and finance become so important?


This week, you were asked to access a number of videos and websites. These are great resources to help you learn the mater (videos, examples, text, etc). Then consider which topic you struggled with the most this week. Complete an online search for a new resource that will help you with that topic. For example, if you learn beset from videos and you struggled with the topic double entry accounting, then complete an online search for “double entry accounting videos”. If you learn best by examples, search for “double entry accounting examples”. Select one of the items you find in your search that you found particularly helpful in learning the topic you struggled with the most and post a summary of the resource and a link to the resource.


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