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nonlinear optimization assignment assume that you are a management scientist and goi 3761180


Assume that you are a management scientist and going to advice one of your

client, who has a plan of investing on NY’s 529 College Savings Program (See ‘File 1’ to

understand this program and visit website to know more) for his children.

This client has already invested significant amount of his gratuity in the Portfolio

(Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund) that gives 4.549% of average return during

the period 2006-2015. Since he feels the rate of return of this portfolio is moderate, he

wants to earn more from the investments, and at the same time, he is reluctant to involve

in risk-taking activities. In this direction, he has found four more funds (see ‘File 2’ for

the rate of return for all the 5 funds during the period 2006-2015). Now, he expects your

advice on portfolio investments, which will guarantee the client minimum 8 percentage

of return in an average with bearable risk.

What you have to do?

1) Formulate a mathematical model for this portfolio selection problem.

2) Determine how much portion of your client’s investments can be distributed to

each of these funds, and at the same time, s/he has to expect minimum 8% rate of

return while minimizing total risk.

3) Use Analytic Solver Platform for Education to create Efficient Frontier and

explain practical implications.

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