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module consumer behaviour and retail marketing strategy assignment type individual r 5207204






Assignment Type

Individual Report



Word Limit

4,000 (+/- 10%)



Your Task

The assessment of students is based on individual work on a project of their own choice. Students are asked to conduct a research project on consumer behaviour and retail strategy. Students are required to submit a report of 4,000 words for their project as well as deliver an individual poster presentation discussing the content of the report.


Indicative research project may be the following:


“Segmenting Wine consumers in the United Kingdom”: The students are expected to display understanding of the bases for segmenting consumers and for targeting selected segments in a retail environment effectively. They should critically evaluate and apply the best model for segmenting consumers and critically evaluate the respective retail theories and suggest appropriate marketing strategies in a retail environment to target each segment.


“Consumer attitudes towards online shopping”: The students are expected to display understanding of consumer attitudes and the importance of considering consumer attitudes when designing retail marketing strategies. They should critically evaluate and apply the best model for examining consumer attitudes and discuss the implications of this knowledge for retailers.













Word limit:


Your answer should be approximately 4000 words in length (+/- 10%).  Whilst you should ensure that the substantive content of your analysis and arguments are contained in the body of your answer, you may make use of appendices providing that they do not exceed a further 1200 words in total. However, if you do make use of appendices, you will only be given credit if the material contained in them is clearly essential to supporting and developing the line of argument in the body of your assignment. The use of purely descriptive material in either the body of your assignment or appendices will not be given any credit in the assessment process.









If any evidence of plagiarism – the unacknowledged work of another person, or any other form of dishonest means, is discovered in your work the University’s formal procedures for dealing with dishonest means will be implemented. Please note that, if proven, the use of dishonest means can result in the awarding of a mark of zero for the work concerned for all those students involved.



Marking Guide

The report carries 75% of the mark and the presentation 25%.

To pass the unit you must achieve an overall mark of at least 50%


This scheme is a guide only and should not detract from the Lecturer’s own judgement.


A good report will contain the following elements:


·      Clear aims and objectives and methodology

·      Well structured and presented in a report format

·      Evidence of a range of secondary research using texts, journals, magazines, newspapers, and computer based information sources

·      Be critical and analytical

·      Offer alternative original opinions

·      Illustrated issues with real life examples, as well as a clear focus on a particular operation within an organisation






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