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Literature review needs to address the following; 1)distinguish what has been done from what needs to be done 2) discover important variables relevant to the topic 3)synthesise and gaining a new perspective for your topic 4)identify relationships between ideas and practice 5)Establish the context if the topic and problem 6)rationalise the theoretical or practical signigigance of the problem 7)enhance and gain the the subject vocabulary 8)understand the origins and strucutre of the subject/topic 9)relate ideas and theory to problems and questions 10)identify the main methodologies and data collection tools that have been used 11)placing the research in to an historical context to show familiarity with state of the arts developments 12)have a body of knowledge to which you can relate your own research findings. Details about my dissertation: It is a qualitative piece of research. the data collected from the participants will be analyzed using thematic analysis and have an in-deductive approach. The literature review will address my title. My MSC is Psychological Well-Being, therefore my topic in this dissertation is based on promoting well being at work, in occupation and how psychiatric nurses are coping with their current employment with coping strategies. Emotional intelligence will be explored from a organisational point of view and from an employee point of view. My research will be conducted in the UK. Therefore references and citations from the UK are preferred, however not the only requirement. Areas i want to be mentioned (as well as your own) are; Why is well being at work important? what are the affects of well being not being addressed and being addressed at work? The current state of psychiatric nurses in the UK, has it been explored before? What have other researchs found? If it hasn’t why hasnt it? Why is your research unique? Why are coping strategies important for psychiatric nurses? what are they? What is emotional intelligencE? why is it important for psychiatric nurses? Is there common personaility trait found in psychiatric nurses? Is occupational mental health rising does it make a difference to address mentla health? These are ideas and pointers.

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