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java program for a build a report requirements multiple classes multiple typesof inp 5122051

Java program for a Build A Report Requirements: (Multiple classes/Multiple typesof input) ·        Input: ReportOwner’s full name and 7 numbers (at least one double and oneinteger) o   The owner’sname cannot contain any special characters, blank spaces, ornumbers ·        You must use anif statement and at least one switch statement in yourprogram ·        You are notallowed to have static variables or methods in any class except forthe main method in the program’s main class. ·        You have tohave at least 2 classes ·        You are notallowed to use ArrayLists, Vectors, Buffers of any type, BufferStreams, or I/O Streams of any type, only primitive arrays orstring arrays will be allowed. ·        You must turnin your assignment in a zip file that contains your multiple classfiles in separate .java files, a UML diagram, pseudo code of yoursolution, and test cases for your solution. You must e-mail theassignment to the professor at Assignmentsposted to canvas will not be accepted. Application Operation: ·        Input, via a questionin the console, the report owner’s first name as a string and buildthe last name via input, one character at a time. 9.     Check,conditionally, to make sure the first name and last name don’tcontain any numeric characters, numbers between 0 – 9. If it doesyou must remove it. The names can not contain any white spaceeither or special characters. ·        Input report name via arequest from the console. ·        Input, and display, thetotal of the numeric input after each input is entered. Average thenumeric input, indicate lowest numeric input value and the highestnumeric input value for the previous numeric inputs, before thenext numeric input is asked for. (Example given in class) ·        Have a program exitinput, condition, value available (i.e. if you type -1 the programexists) ·        Create and display afinal report that should have the report name, owner and thefollowing: Numeric output should appear as a table with the followingcolumns: (columns should be underlined) 1.     InputNumber 2.     HighestNumber 3.     LowestNumber 4.     Total(by the row) 5.     AverageNumber ·        At the end of thereport you must have a grand total for the numeric entries *The class outline (UML) is required. Note:You are not allowed to use ArrayLists, Vectors,Buffers of any type, Buffer Streams, or I/O Streams of any type,only primitive arrays or string arrays will beallowed. . . .

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