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java please be specific as i am a beginner i have literally tried many avenues to do 5196093

JAVA: Please be specific as I am a beginner. I have literally tried many avenues to do this, and I am very frustrated. I need the following lines, that are in a .txt file, to be imported into an ArrayList. Each attribute has it's own place in the array, and the totals added in the final report. For example: This line SALARY,ADD,103,1,Payroll,300.00,09/12/1988,Y,1002. Format is: CLASS,add or delete from ArrayList, paymentId, employeeId, description, amount, date, taxDeductable, checkNumber. This line EMPLOYEE,ADD,1,John,Smith,,111-111-1111 Format is CLASS, add or delete from ArrayList, employeeId, firstName, lastName, email, phoneNumber. A report then needs to be generated to a .txt file separated by attributes. The report will have to include the number of checks that were issued as well as the total amount of the checks. Error in the email address is intentional.

SALARY,ADD,301,3,Final salary,10000.00,07/04/1997,Y,2222

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