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java patron a patron has first and last name can borrow abook return a book and keep 5122065

java: Patron – A patron has first and last name, can borrow abook, return a book, and keeps tracek of the books they currentlyhave checked out (an array of books). Each of those fields can beupdated and retrieved. A patron can have at most 3 books checkedout at a time. Book interface – Create an interface for a book. A book has atitle, author, and a due date. Each of thos fields can be updatedand retrieved. A book can be check out and checked in. Book – Implement a Book interface. Remember that a book has atitle, author, due date, and can be checked in and out. Books aredue one week (7 days) after being check ut. Library. Creat a menu so the user can add new patrons and books,edit patron and book info, display patrons and books, and check outand check in books. In reality, it wouldn’t be very partical tolist out all patrons and books, but in our example we will onlyhave a few of each so the list shouldn’t be too overhelming. for example, you might start with a menu like this; Please select from the following options: 1. add new patron 2. add new book 3. edit patron 4. edit book 5. display all patrons 6. display all books 7. check out book 8. check in book 9. exit your menu should repeat until the user chooses to exit theprogram. Please not that your “edit patron” and “edit book” optionsshould only edit patron name, book author, and book title. theseoptions should not be able to change the due dates of books, etc.Your “display all books” option should incude wether or not thebook is checked out. You must use javadoc comments to document your code . . .

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