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java netbeans given the following point class public class student private string na 5122068

java netbeans Given the following Point class. public class Student {

private String name;

private String id;

private int yob;

public Student(String id, String name, int y){ = name; = id; yob=y;} public Student(Student s){; =; this.yob = s.yob;} public String getID(){return id;} public String getName(){ return name;}

public int getYob(){ return yob;}

public void setName(String name){ = name;} public voidsetYob(int yob){ this.yob = yob;}

public void setID(String id){ = id;} } Q1. Define a class Assignment2 in which it has the static methodQ1 as follows: create an array list of integers that contains the odd numbersfrom 1-39 print the average of the numbers in the list. Write a method that counts how many number is divisible by3. Write a method that returns all the numbers that are divisibleby 5. Call the Q1 method in the main method. Q2. Define Q2 method inside the same class as follows: Create an array list of students. Create an array of students which has the following studentobjects: Insert all students of the array in the array list defined in1. Insert the arraylist to itself in the middle. Search for “Randa Jaber” and print its location(s) in thelist. Create a new copy of the student “Randa Jaber” and call itrj. Search for the object rj. What do you notice? How to fixthat. Note: use different way of searching… Print the student in the list whose id is 321. Change the id of the last occurrence of Khalida Ahmad to678. 10. Replace the 3rd element with the student (588, “Mohammadfaleh”, 1978) . . .

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