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it will be no surprise to you that many businesses use being green as a way to sell 4956201

It will be no surprise to you that many businesses use “being green” as a way to sell their products. How often are their claims true?

Greenwashing is the distortion of environmental science in order to manipulate peoples choices. Your mission is to find an example of greenwashing, or some other misapplication of an ecological concept, and to share a photograph illustrating the example in the discussion forum below.

Your example has to be unique, so check to make sure that nobody else has used it first before posting it to the forum (see STEP 1, below). Once youve found your example, write a ~250 word post on this discussion forum explaining why you chose it.

The following are the steps that you will then follow to complete the Assessment:

Note that your evidence must include either a photo or a link to your example on another website, and it must be unique.

Your commentary should clearly explain the relevance of your chosen greenwashing evidence to your ‘audience. Why did you choose this example of greenwashing? Where did you find it? How does it distort the truth? Do you think that the claim works on the average person? Why? Would better science education help?

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