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it s a case study why does machiavelli suggest it is always better for a prince to b 3750451


Why does Machiavelli suggest it is always better for a Prince to be feared than loved?

(1500 words)

1. Between 18 to 24 unique references
2. Must be Harvard referencing
3. References must be shown within the main body of the case study “intext citation”
5. Must be of good quality (books, journals, official reports, independent sources)




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The quote appears to be only complete that it is better to be feared than loved if you cannot be both loved and feared Spielvogel, (2014).  Being both loved and feared is a situation is an ideal location for a ruler.

The cause for this is simple. In most cases, human beings will support someone who they love, but there are limitations of the same love. The subjects can be caused by other passions and dangers no to support the ruler any time more.  If the love for the leader will contribute again for the subject, he will be loved by everybody. In a case of their power weakening, their supporters faster forget their love Spielvogel, (2011).  . The fear acts as a stronger guarantee of support in the cases whereby the subject fears the ruler.  If the……


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